Top 5 Autograph Collecting Resources on the Web

May 8, 2013 - 0 COMMENTS

If you’re a hardcore collector there are some great autograph collecting resources on the web for you to learn everything you need to know to stay current on the hobby!  Here’s our breakdown of the top five internet resources for collectors:

5. eBay

eBay is a great resource for collectors.  We use eBay heavily to track supply, demand ,and prices in the autograph market.  eBay is the best place to take the industry’s pulse on a player, team, or item.  As a memorabilia company a lot of our research starts on eBay.  Of course, you can also use it to buy the next best piece for your collection although we’d prefer you just buy from 3 Monkey Sports!  Another great use of eBay is as a database of photos of player’s autographs.  Since you can often find items that have PSA/DNA or JSA authentication and then compare them to a lot of different results you can usually get a good feel for how a players signature looks if you’re researching authentic signatures.

4. Autograph University

The brainchild of Matt Raymond, an autograph and marketing expert, Autograph University is a great place for collectors to go for tips and tricks, to learn new industry insight and to just read some cool posts.  His blog is popular, beautiful, and full of great knowledge for collectors of all kinds.  If you’re new to Autograph University be sure to check out their “Start Here” Page.

3. Sports Collectors Daily

The best overall media site on the web for autograph collectors, Sports Collectors Daily is a great roundup of the news of the industry.  They have some great sections dedicated to all facets of the hobby and bring great insite on what’s going on around the country.  Autograph Collecting is a very localized hobby and it’s easy to get tunnel vision, so visit Sports Collectors Daily to keep up on what’s going on all around the country with the hobby.

2. Signings Hotline

Signings Hotline provides collectors with the most complete list of autograph signings (public and private) nationwide.  Keep a close eye on this if you want to know what signings are happening in you’re area so you don’t miss out!  And keep an eye on their “Big 15″ list to know about the most popular signings in the country, so you don’t miss your favorite player the next time he signs!

1. SportsCollectors.Net

SportsCollectors.Net (SCN) is the best community site on the net for collectors.  They provide a great master list of players addresses along with successes/failures for TTM collecting, photos of autographs, and best of all a solid message board community.  Pay the $15 a year for message board access and you can tap the minds of an entire community of collectors.  You can talk about anything from collecting to signings to buying and selling memorabilia directly on their boards and just from some quick message board searches learn anything you want to know about collecting!

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